The Earps are…

Kevin “Hotwheels” McGregor on lead vocals and rhythm guitar is the founding member/OG. He is a prolific tunesmith and the bands main songwriter and dramatic visionary. He’s the Ron Howard of the group, but he looks like Brian Setzer and smells like Monster Rehab Orangeade.

“Calamity Will” Williamson is the guy on stage-right launching incendiary solos from his Flying-V. Rumor has it he and C.C. DeVille share the same hairstylist. When the moon is in the seventh house, you might catch him drinking beer from a straw.

“Rebel Jukie” is a unique and powerful force upon the thrown as our heavy-hitting beat keeper on drums. Her balance, talent, drive, and passion guided her to walk a life enriched with punk culture and more.

Jeff “El Jefe” Hecht plays bass guitar with formidable vigor and a bandana collection that rivals Steven Tyler’s. El Jefe’s roots are in country and power pop, so he fits right into the Earps’ musical mold of “if Johnny Cash and Joey Ramone had a baby.” Remember, if it ain’t on social media, it didn’t happen. Miraculously, El Jefe is always in the room where it happened.​ Hope to see you soon Buckaroos.